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The further you go, the more you’ll
Take a deep breath and explore the immense open ocean. Listen to the emotional song of humoback whales and uncover an authentic coral reef.

Only at Palma Aquarium
Dive into
Tropical Seas
Get closer to the best coral reef display in Europe. Packed with beauty, these submerged rainforests are both intriguing and exciting.

Witness the most intense habitat in the ocean in an unique experience, only available at the Palma Aquarium.

By visiting Palma Aquarium, you are supporting the protection of endangered coral reefs, learn about how we protect endangered habitats at the Aquarium.
Captivated by the
Coral Reef
A Tremendous
Get to know the magnificent sea that surrounds Majorca. From deadly predators to cunning prey, explore the secrets of the Mediterranean with our expert guides.

Meet our aquatic residents, such as the trigger picasso fish and Mediterranean anthias fish, and be truly spell-bound by the underwater beauty.
Immerse into a multi-sensory journey into the kingdom of humpback whales.

Be surrounded by their enchanting songs and engage with an integral part of their life story.
An Extraoridnary
Sink into
Shark world
Get a closer look at the elusive top predators of the oceans.

Watch sharks and rays encircle you as you go through our acrylic tunnel and see much more whilst you stand by one of the deepest tanks in Europe.

Not only that, but there are a variety of chances to come face-to-fin in one of our extra adventures.
Shark vision boat
Dive with sharks
See first-hand how sharks and other marine creatures dine. Feeding times offer an exciting opportunity to get to know our aquatic residents a little bit better
Daily encounters
Palma Aquarium
Unique Activities
Get to know our aquarium through the most exciting activities for adults and children that palma aquarium has prepared to enjoy an unforgettable day!
Mediterranean Gardens
An Authentic
Encounter the incredible and enjoy free talks from ocean experts.

Designed to give you countless opportunities to engage with nature, join in with our in-the-water events, alongside beautiful gardens, touch pools and a jungle!
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